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I have wanted to Bible Journal for a while now, but I find issues and don't plunge into this venture.  I don't have a journaling Bible or the supplies to do it.  I don't want to ruin a Bible.  I might have multiple ideas for one page...then what?  Oh, the reasons just go on and on.  

After some thought, watching videos, searching Pinterest, etc,  I decided not to Bible Journal. Instead, I decided to Faith Journal in a handsome little journal I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  

For me, this is a great solution for my "issues."  

*  I can concentrate on any passage I choose to study and art journal it.  Then if after some thought, I have another idea, I can express it later in the same journal.  
*  I can use my personal Bible for study and simply write, print and paste, etc the scriptures I want to highlight into the journal.
*  I can use the supplies I already have in my house.  
*  ......and I can use all of the beautiful digital images out there.

So far, this avenue of journaling my faith is perfect.  I can include hymns, poetry, philosophy, and other literature that touches me.  I have several ideas and you'll be seeing more in this book. 

I created this page to give you the links to the posts in case you are interested in seeing them quickly without scrolling through all the other posts.  

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